big xyt launches the big xyt Store, an ecommerce platform for tick data

Big xyt’s new ecommerce platform helps exchanges, brokers and data vendors to monetize their data assets.
The new big xyt Store offers an unrivalled user experience with access to petabytes of historical data. Key features are

a flexible pricing model supporting all asset classes including derivatives
web-based user interface to access all feeds with smart search algorithms
access to any data volumes including […]

big xyt sponsors the Open Day 2016

Wednesday 4th October 2016, Frankfurt, Germany: As a sponsor of Deutsche Börse’s Open Day 2016, we have received broad interest in our solutions for convenient tick data analytics. Trading firms see great value in the big xyt Cloud Platform for cost effectively managing any number of data sources as well as in products offered by big xyt partners like ACTIV Financial. At the conference we have […]

big xyt helps ACTIV Financial to attract new customers

RSJ selects ACTIV X-ray for Tick Data Analytics to Accelerate Growth into new Markets
London — 13 July 2016 — ACTIV Financial announced today that RSJ has selected ACTIV X-ray to help identify trading opportunities as they expand their trading activity in new asset classes and trading venues.

To successfully launch trading models on new trading venues, trading firms must perform a broad range of […]

big xyt enables ACTIV Financial to launch ACTIV X-ray, an innovative tick data cloud

ACTIV Financial leverages big xyt’s Cloud Platform to enable immediate access to high-quality tick data and scalable testing of trading models.
FRANKFURT — 17 July 2016 — ACTIV Financial, a global provider of real-time, multi-asset financial market data and solutions, and big xyt, the leading provider for data and analytics solutions on large datasets, today announced the launch of ACTIV X-ray, a cloud-based […]

big xyt Research Hub Focusing on Market Liquidity, Kick-off on 26th May 2016

Thursday 26th May 2016, Tampere, Finnland: As the first event of the research collaboration between the Technical University of Tampere, Fraunhofer ITWM Kaiserslautern and big xyt, Dr. Ulrich Nögel (Co-Founder, Analytics big xyt) was presenting on “Challenges for Big Data Analysis and TCA in the Post Crisis Regulatory Environment” in Tampere, Finland. The audience included members of the Big Data […]

big xyt Launches the big xyt Cloud Platform

big xyt Launches the big xyt Cloud Platform, a High-Performance Solution for Convenient and Value-Driven Analytics
The big xyt Cloud Platform to usher in new era of productivity in data analytics on large data sets
FRANKFURT — 18 May 2016 — To enable companies to discover value in data effectively, big xyt today announced the big xyt Cloud Platform for high-volume analytics. This […]

Join big xyt at QuanTech 2016

London, 21 & 22 April 2016, big-xyt’s Dr. Ulrich Nögel speaking at the QuanTech Conference about Challenges for Big Data Analysis and TCA in the Post-Crisis Regulatory Environment (Friday, 22nd at 1:50pm).

The growing interest in distributed ledgers should be of considerable interest to traders, quants and structurers, as it has the potential to change the trajectory of the post-crisis response […]

Mifid II Transparency & Reporting

London, 16 & 17 March 2016, big-xyt’s Dr. Ulrich Nögel speaking at the Risk Training about MiFID II. This course will present the latest developments on MIFID II whilst offering the initial buildings blocks in order to adapt operations for adhering to the upcoming regulation.
Find out more and register at […]

Financial Markets Insight

Industry experts share thoughts on the benefits of the Financial Applications Hub, designed to offer data, software, tools and other content in one place.
Find out how big xyt contributes to Digital Realty’s Financial Applications Hub through its innovative and cost-effective solutions for tick data analytics. Download […]