About Us

big xyt is an independent analytics firm. We provide robustimmersiveflexibleefficient analytics that empower data driven, actionable insight.

About big xyt – Our Core Purpose

big xyt makes analytics of large data sets as convenient and cost-effective as possible. We help our clients make better decisions and innovate by empowering their understanding of their relationship with the outside world.
This is achieved by normalising sources of data and delivering it in the way that our customers wish to consume it – web-based user interfaces or APIs. Together with our clients we find new use cases during the journey to become data centric.

We now live in a data-centric and automated world.


Our Vision of the Future

All industries are becoming increasingly data driven and capital markets is no exception. This mean that firms need to become highly data centric in order to succeed, i.e. understand the impact and implications of their actions against the outside world.

Capital markets however suffer from having many overlapping sets of metadata which makes becoming data centric highly challenging. This is will only get worse as market structure continues to get more complex because it is so fragmented in terms of venues.

And there are more and more data sources that need to be considered.

The margins don’t exist in the industry anymore to just throw money at fixing these problems.

And so more and more analytics have to be consumed as a service – but not necessarily delivered as a commodity.

Our Team

The big xyt journey so far …

Nov 2019

Award Win: Leaders in Trading Award for Outstanding TCA Provider

Jun 2019

Consolidated View for European Equities launched

Mar 2019

Pre-trade analytics launched

Nov 2018

Insights on Systematic Internalizers available to the community

Sep 2018

Launch of the Liquidity Cockpit for ETFs

Jun 2018

All major European exchanges, MTFs and leading brokers use the Liquidity Cockpit as a reference for market structure analysis

Feb 2018

Post-trade analytics (incl. TCA) for Global Equities launched

Sep 2017

xyt hub for algo testing and quants launched

Jul 2017

Liquidity Cockpit for European Equities launched

Apr 2017

Proprietary tick data analytics deployed for a leading market maker (16 years of normalized US equities data)

Feb 2017

xyt Store launched, an ecommerce platform for data and analytics

Jul 2016

Launch of white-label Tick Data Analytics for Global Markets. Deployed as a web-based solution for a leading data vendor covering more than 120 feeds globally (equities, ETFs, bonds, options and futures)

Dec 2014

big xyt founded. What does the company name stand for?
X and Y are variables and represent our focus on analytics. The T stands for time: Looking at a single event in isolation is only one page in a story. It is only when we combine the pages and chapters that the full narrative emerges


Tick data analytics for exchanges


Founders team expands


Founders meet. Engineering and operating solutions for real-time analytics at major investment banks

big xyt enables customers to analyze all available data sets instantaneously without the need for IT investments.