What We Do

Navigating fragmented markets remains a challenge for participants needing easily digestible information on trading analysis.

big xyt’s data analytics solutions respond to these market challenges and provides clients access to transparent, accurate, and normalised data.

big xyt has created a global ecosystem for tick data analytics covering more than 120 trading venues, across equities, ETFs, FX, and listed derivatives (futures and options).

Our unique technology normalises trade conditions of venues allowing consistent aggregations of trading volumes, comprehensive analysis, and delivery of results in flexible and customisable formats.

big xyt’s innovative data analytics solutions are relevant for a broad range of use cases.


Trading data analytics have until now been available only to the most sophisticated firms with substantial capital investments.  big xyt is breaking the mould by making the capability available to all firms, whether or not their main focus is on trading, and regardless of the size of their budgets.

By mutualising this capability on behalf of the industry, we provide flexible and tailor-made solutions at a fraction of the cost of in-house builds.

How do we do this?

  • Our data quality is at the core of what we offer. We systematically collect, clean, validate and store very large amounts of referential and tick data across global markets (this corresponds to trillions of data points each year).
  • We generate sophisticated metrics that measure all forms of trading, and can quickly add new metrics to service clients’ specific needs.
  • We make them available in easy to use visualisation tools that demonstrate patterns and performance (actionable insights).
  • We provide comprehensive and flexible APIs that support more in-depth quantitative research and feed dependent systems such as algorithms and decision support tools.

Information is delivered through a convenient and interactive user interface, and can be easily connected to our cloud-based platform via APIs.

What’s behind the big xyt name?

Big is for big data. X and Y are variables and represent our focus on analytics. The T stands for time.

Looking at a single event in isolation is only one page in a story. It is only when we combine the pages and chapters that the full narrative emerges.

Founded in 2014, we’re steadily growing and have locations in Frankfurt, London, New York and Wrocław, and a presence in Singapore.

What Makes Us Different

big xyt is wholly owned by its founders and employees, which means there is no conflict of interest when evaluating your execution needs or analysing broker performance.

Embracing a nimble approach, our core strategy is to constantly evaluate new ideas, methodologies and technologies. In partnership with our clients, we are always innovating and supporting clients to demonstrate their own value proposition. We provide full access to data via web-based dashboards (GUIs), customised reports and APIs.

Firms across the financial services industry choose big xyt as their data analytics partner due to our independence and ability to provide the best quality normalised data, our capability to deliver complex security and execution analytics in sophisticated and data-rich financial markets, as well as the in-depth domain experience of the big xyt team in setting up, running and maintaining data analytics environments for tick data in highly secure environments.

Our data quality is at the core of what we offer. We are consistently and systematically validating and normalising the data we source.

Our powerful APIs give you the flexibility to integrate our cloud-based platform with your trading infrastructure, quickly and easily.

Our solutions enable our clients to streamline their technology overhead costs. Increasingly, the global financial services community is realising the benefits of working with a specialist partner as opposed to the time and cost of trying to replicate all building blocks required for data science inhouse.

Our quantitative pedigree and domain expertise in trading and investment enables us to provide insightful data analytics solutions and smart analytics using AI and machine learning.

Global markets coverage and cross-asset class (equities, ETFs, FX, futures and options).

Decades of experience in data analytics, stochastic mathematics, software engineering and data science (covering analytics solutions, trading, risk management, regulation and financial reporting). Our business development team has extensive global investment banking experience, across portfolio management, electronic trading, and client management.

Our Team


big xyt - Robin Mess

Robin Mess


With 20+ years of experience in financial services, Robin is the Co-founder and CEO of big xyt...

big xyt - Dirk Subjetzki

Dirk Subjetzki


Dirk has over 20 years of experience in the banking industry. Before co-founding big xyt he held...

big xyt - Wieslaw Nosal

Wiesław Nosal


Wiesław has over 11 years of experience in software development, consulting and project...

big xyt - Kamil Jaskiewicz

Kamil Jaśkiewicz


Kamil has more than 10 years’ experience in bespoke software development with exposure...

big xyt - Maciej Lach

Maciej Lach


Maciej has been working in the software industry for more than 10 years. His expertise includes...

big xyt - Tomasz Jastrzebski

Tomasz Jastrzębski


Tomasz is a mathematician and a subject-matter expert for capital markets with a broad range...

big xyt - Mark Montgomery

Mark Montgomery


Mark Montgomery looks after Strategy and Business Development for big xyt. Prior to joining the...

big xyt - Richard Hills

Richard Hills


Richard Hills is Head of Client Engagement at big xyt. Richard has over 30 years’ experience...

big xyt - Piotr Szawlis

Piotr Szawlis


Piotr is a data analytics specialist for big xyt. Prior to joining big xyt he was working...


Rafał Połoczański


Rafał is responsible for client support and operations for Execution Analytics since 2019...

big xyt - Katarzyna Szymanska

Katarzyna Szymańska


Katarzyna is a data scientist and software engineer at big xyt, with a passion for machine...

big xyt - Melanie Carpenter

Melanie Carpenter


Melanie joined the big xyt team in November 2020. Before a stint in the UAE...

big xyt increases global footprint with expansion to Asia Pacific - Philip Barnes

Philip Barnes


Philip joined big xyt in early 2021 as Managing Director, Head of Business Development...

big xyt - Paulina Kownacka

Paulina Kownacka


Paulina is a data scientist at big xyt and and has a genuine passion for data. She graduated from...

big xyt - Aleksandra Bodylska

Aleksandra Bodylska


Aleksandra is a software engineer at big xyt. She graduated from the Wrocław University...

big xyt - Anna Khodyka

Anna Khodyka


Anna is a software engineer at big xyt. She graduated from the Ukrainian National...

big xyt - Witold Sterna

Witold Sterna


Witold is a front-end developer at big xyt. He holds a M.Eng. in Applied Computer Science. 

The big xyt
journey so far …

Jan 2023
Shortlisted in the Hedgeweek European Awards 2023 in two categories: Best Data Provider - Overall and Best Data Science Solution Provider.
Dec 2022
Shortlisted in the FStech Awards 2023 for Best Use of Data & Analytics
Nov 2022
Winner of The TRADE's Leaders in Trading award for Outstanding Market Data Provider
Sep 2022
Further expansion of the Americas operations with the appointment of Tony Huck
May 2022
Launch of first-to-market white label trading analytics platform for equities and ETFs with the JSE
Feb 2022
Winner of Best TCA Tool in A-Team’s TradingTech Insight Awards Europe 2022
Feb 2022
big xyt launches the Global Exchanges Directory, a free resource for the global trading and investment community
Sep 2021
big xyt increases footprint in Continental Europe with the appointment of Gilles Meyruey
Feb 2021
Expansion to APAC with the appointment of Philip Barnes
Feb 2021
Shortlisted in The TRADE’s FinTech of the Year 2020 Awards (one of four companies nominated)
Feb 2021
Winner of Best TCA Tool in A-Team’s TradingTech Insight Awards Europe 2021
Sep 2020
Expansion to the US with the appointment of Jenny Chen
May 2020
Advanced Liquidity Metrics for Enterprise Subscribers of the Liquidity Cockpit
Apr 2020
The big xyt platform is cloud-native using Kubernetes.
Mar 2020
Expansion of the London team with the appointment of Richard Hills and Khalil Dayri
Nov 2019
Award Win: Leaders in Trading Award for Outstanding TCA Provider (The TRADE)
Jun 2019
Consolidated View for European Equities launched
Mar 2019
Pre-trade analytics launched
Nov 2018
Insights on Systematic Internalizers available to the community
Sep 2018
Launch of the Liquidity Cockpit for ETFs
Jun 2018
All major European exchanges, MTFs and leading brokers use the Liquidity Cockpit as a reference for market structure analysis
Feb 2018
Post-trade analytics (incl. TCA) for Global Equities launched
Sep 2017
xyt hub for algo testing and quants launched
Jul 2017
Liquidity Cockpit for European Equities launched
Apr 2017
Proprietary tick data analytics deployed for a leading market maker (16 years of normalized US equities data)
Feb 2017
xyt Store launched, an ecommerce platform for data and analytics
Jul 2016
Launch of white-label Tick Data Analytics for Global Markets. Deployed as a web-based solution for a leading data vendor covering more than 120 feeds globally (equities, ETFs, bonds, options and futures)
Dec 2014
big xyt founded. What does the company name stand for? X and Y are variables and represent our focus on analytics. The T stands for time: Looking at a single event in isolation is only one page in a story. It is only when we combine the pages and chapters that the full narrative emerges
Tick data analytics for exchanges
Founders team expands
Founders meet. Engineering and operating solutions for real-time analytics at major investment banks


big xyt - The TRADE Leaders in Trading 2022 Outstanding Market Data Provider
big xyt - TradingTech Insight Awards Best TCA Tool
big xyt - The TRADE Leaders in Trading Awards 2019 Outstanding TCA Provider