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Exchanges and
Trading Venues

Banks, asset managers, exchanges and market participants across the globe consistently rely on big xyt as an independent reference for equity market structure, providing clarity for decision makers and flexibility for data scientists.

big xyt’s cloud-based applications provide clients with rich visualisations and API access to liquidity analytics of global markets.

How are these services provided?

  • Information is provided through web-based applications or through our Analytics as a Service offering. This gives the client the flexibility of end user solutions in the form of web-based interfaces and via daily email updates and fully automated PDF reports.
  • Data science and quant teams can leverage our rich APIs, which are available in multiple languages and provide Tableau or Power BI-based reporting and research environments.
  • Our solutions are fully virtualised and cloud-native, significantly reducing implementation and maintenance costs (when compared with a custom build in-house).
  • Although we provide out-of-the-box applications, many of our engagements do involve some customisation. We work closely with our clients to define and deliver specific metrics and views that are tailored to their individual requirements.

What do we provide to Exchanges and Trading Venues?

Liquidity Cockpit (for security analytics) allows the user to monitor key market measures and compare them with other trading venues of all types. Volume and market share information is provided alongside market quality metrics such as average spreads, liquidity at touch and at depth, and price impact. Detailed views show these measures for both on-book and off-book trading sessions (continuous trading, auctions, dark pools and more).

Open TCA (for execution analytics) uses a client’s private data to produce extensive metrics on the quality of their market as experienced by their participating firms. Examples include spread paid, time to execution, fill ratios, best execution results, and many more. This information enables the client to provide additional services to their member firms, and provides them with invaluable insight into their relative performance and peer group position.

With big xyt’s white-label analytics solutions for trading venues, we can host analytics solutions under a client’s branding (also known as white-labelling) that provide online insights to their member firms and their DMA clients. This includes peer group analysis of market share and performance of key metrics such as spread capture and fill rates, at detailed levels such as by sector and by instrument.

What are
the benefits?

Clients can monetise their information services further by providing enhanced analytics capabilities to their member firms by leveraging our e-commerce platform.
Our data analytics solutions are used for both marketing and product strategy as it helps to identify and promote a client’s competitive advantages and USPs while developing key areas of focus.
With big xyt’s solutions, there’s no need to process tick data in-house in order to view a client’s relative position in the market, or to maintain their own analytics infrastructure. Not only does this significantly reduce costs, it also provides the user with highly flexible and reliable capabilities.

Asset Class Coverage

Our services are available for Equities, ETFs, ETPs, Exchange Traded Derivatives in Equities, FX, Treasuries and Commodities, and Single Stock Futures and Options.