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About Us


big xyt provides solutions to help corporate treasurers and investor relations teams to better understand how the markets are trading their securities.

Banks, asset managers, exchanges and corporates across the globe consistently rely on big xyt as an independent reference for equity market structure, illustrating our ability to deliver a strong and transparent platform to our clients.

  • Liquidity is a key component of investment decision making with most investors setting liquidity thresholds for holding shares in their portfolios.
  • As an example, when portfolio managers are selecting component investments to gain sector or country exposures, they are likely to choose more liquid names because they offer lower entry and exit costs.
  • big xyt’s Liquidity Cockpit shows daily trading activity in many dimensions in easy to navigate time series charts. A client can view market volumes in intraday trading, dark pools, closing auctions or off-market blocks which are often a sign of abnormal investor activity in a stock, or the market response to news, events and corporate actions.
  • Key metrics such as spreads, order book size and volatility are key indicators of the quality of market liquidity that can be accessed in easy to understand formats and viewed over time. The platform shows powerful comparisons between a share and its sector, country and regional indexes.

Our data analytics are available on all exchange traded products including money market ETFs. Using the same tools, treasury users can compare the liquidity of similar instruments as part of their cash management process.

Trading Analytics on Market Interventions

big xyt’ s Open TCA for Execution Analytics is a powerful tool for assessing the success of trading activities such as buy-back programs. The client is able to see the performance of a strategy by comparing realised execution prices to various standard benchmarks such as close or intraday volume weighted average prices.

Why big xyt?

We are experts in dealing with the microscopic detail of the markets. We capture billions of data points every day and carefully categorise trades into meaningful metrics and easy to navigate visualisations.

This means we are able to bring very complex topics to life, and our users do not require the skills of a data scientist to access our information.

Asset Class Coverage

Our services are available for Equities, ETFs, ETPs, Exchange Traded Derivatives in Equities, FX, Treasuries and Commodities, and Single Stock Futures and Options.

About big xyt

big xyt provides independent smart data and analytics solutions to the global trading and investment community, enabling firms to process and normalise large data sets on demand and in real time, in order to analyse execution performance, comply with regulatory standards, and reduce the complexity and costs of technology and operational requirements.

Our clients include major global investment banks, buy-side firms (asset managers, hedge funds, pensions, indexers), leading exchanges, trading venues, corporates and regulatory bodies

Navigating fragmented markets remains a challenge for participants needing easily digestible information on trading analysis. The big xyt analytics platform responds to these market challenges, and provides clients access to transparent, accurate and normalised data.

big xyt has created a global ecosystem for tick data analytics covering more than 120 trading venues, across Equities, ETFs, FX, Futures and Options. Our unique technology normalises trade conditions of venues allowing consistent aggregations of trading volumes, comprehensive analysis, and delivery of results in a flexible and customisable format.

big xyt’s innovative analytics solutions are relevant for a broad range of use cases including strategy development, performance trends and analysis, back testing, quantitative research, and regulatory changes. The platform delivers information through a convenient and interactive user interface, and can be easily connected to our cloud-based platform via APIs.

big xyt is wholly owned by its founders and employees, which means there is no conflict of interest when evaluating clients’ execution needs or analysing broker performance.