Who we help

Our clients include major global investment banks, asset managers, leading exchanges, trading venues, ETF issuers and regulatory bodies.



Peer-group analysis (internal and external users), so you can understand the competitive landscape, liquidity trends and market quality better, and faster. Learn about the Liquidity Cockpit.

Value-added analytics for participants, e.g. execution analysis or market quality reports.

Monetisation of data and analytics: distribute your data assets and enrich them with proprietary analytics leveraging our e-commerce platform.

Exchanges can grow brand awareness and sales by using our white-label solutions.



Understand liquidity trends, i.e. market structure analysis for in-house validation, trend analysis and commentary for clients. Learn about the Liquidity Cockpit.

Transparency for your clients – use our Execution Analytics for compliance, TCA and outlier detection (available as a white-label solution).

Leverage the XYT Hub, our tick data platform for quant research, algo development and daily market statistics across asset classes and global venues.



Portfolio managers and traders can gain insight and review their execution performance by benchmarking their brokers, algos, venues and funds. Get full transparency with our Open TCA for Execution Analysis for performance breakdown/distribution, outlier detection, price movement, etc.

Analyse the impact of portfolio events with pre-trade/post-trade analytics.

Understand trends and changes in the global liquidity landscape. Learn about the Liquidity Cockpit.

Use our platform and tools for your best execution requirements and processes.

Optimise your data needs and gaps with customised solutions.



Our Single Stock Analytics tool is a great platform for corporates wanting to gain in-depth market insight into their own stock.



Understand the liquidity of competing products.

Ensure your ETFs are available on secondary markets at attractive costs (spreads).

Monitor the liquidity of your own products.

Understand liquidity of own ETFs vs. competing ETFs.

Identify most traded ETFs from competitors.



Serve your clients by understanding the dynamics of the global liquidity landscape. Learn about the Liquidity Cockpit and our Analytics-as-a-Service offering.

Transparency for your clients. Use our platform and tools for Execution Analytics covering compliance, TCA and outlier detection.

Our powerful APIs give you the flexibility to integrate our cloud-based platform with your trading infrastructure, quickly and easily.