big xyt

Use Case: Sell-side TCA

Use Case:
Global Market Operator

Firm type:

Global market operators

What do you need/want to do?

Venues compete for market share in the growing ETF market, i.e. you need to:

Understand market share

Measure market quality of own venue vs. competing venues

What are the alternative solutions? What are their disadvantages?

Market data terminals (unreliable methodology, e.g. for spreads)

In-house solutions (expensive and lack of independence)

What are the advantages of using big xyt’s solutions?

Off-the-shelf metrics across all ETF markets, e.g. value traded, spreads, price movement

Convenient access to web-based dashboards

Automated reporting via our powerful API

How long is the implementation and what resources are required from the client?

No implementation cost

No resources required from the client

What are the results/beneficial outcomes? What could you do now that you couldn’t do before?

Promote strengths to participants/issuers

Identify weaknesses