xyt lab

xyt lab provides a secure environment to enable clients with quant desks to connect their own private data with the existing Level 3 data in big xyt’s solutions to quickly construct new metrics and run them on a scheduler.

xyt lab supports more in-depth quantitative research, quicker and at a lower cost, as clients do not need to store the data on their side or install any applications, and can work with their own private data in big xyt’s secure private cloud.

Featuring highly granular market data, the platform enables detailed analysis using advanced order book data, alongside a wealth of reference and complementary datasets.

Key to the platform’s utility is its collection of easy-to-use API libraries, which are tailor-made for in-depth data analysis. These APIs, along with a private cloud-native environment, augment existing workflows by offering scalable computational resources. This scalability ensures that users can efficiently adjust their resources to meet the demands of even the most compute-intensive research.

xyt lab streamlines the transition from research to production. It allows for the scheduling of analyses at any time, easy integration of results into production systems, and secure data exchange through SFTP servers. A fully version-controlled environment ensures repeatable and robust analysis, while pre-configured tooling supports intensive computations with resilience.

Support services are an integral part of the offering, including dedicated quantitative support and comprehensive documentation. These resources, along with pre-configured notebooks, provide an invaluable foundation for conducting sophisticated analyses and developing actionable insights in a user-friendly and efficient manner.

xyt lab features:

  • Jupyter notebook that enables access to all the raw data and API functions we have in our private cloud 
  • Dedicated client repository that enables users to save and share notebooks
  • Access to our scheduling solutions that enables users to run custom notebooks automatically on a daily basis
  • Access to the SFTP server that enables users to securely share private data and store results as CSV files, PDF reports, and charts
  • Dedicated database that enables users to query the results
  • Connection to Tableau that enables users to get results immediately as a visualisation

xyt lab benefits:

  • Clients can add their own private data and calculate all metrics with additional breakdowns (for example for each client)
  • Easily research Level 3 data without installing any applications using Python Jupyter notebook, and then run on a daily basis within our private cloud 
  • Custom metrics can be easily defined, and their evolution with monthly/yearly history the same day can be monitored
  • Full focus on the business logic with data normalisation and all relevant access points (reference data, fx_rates, etc.) performed by big xyt
  • Metrics that are automatically stored within the client (or internal) databases can be easily defined and accessed with Tableau