Use Case: Buy-side Trader TCA

Can you manage your broker execution independently with your current TCA platform?

How often have you changed your brokers this year because of their algo performance?

Firm type Investment manager, hedge fund, wealth manager, insurance company, sovereign wealth fund, family office
What do you need/want to do?
  • Validation/improvement of strategy performance and routing for internal clients (portfolio managers and funds)
  • Validation/improvement of strategy performance and routing for external brokers
  • Compliance and best execution requirements
  • Strategic measurement of trading performance (for sophisticated desks with input into the calibration of algos in partnership with brokers, or perhaps for hedge funds with their own execution strategies)
What are the alternative solutions? What are their disadvantages?
  • In-house build (this is not a key focus for the buy-side so the uplift can be quite heavy to do it well)
  • Some firms are tied to one vendor for a long time which can limit flexibility and innovation in the marketplace
What are the advantages of using big xyt’s solutions?
  • Web-based application with rich visualisations and powerful API access to liquidity analytics of global markets
  • Gain an understanding of the approach of your peers
  • Outlier detection, spot trends, custom solutions (e.g. algo wheel), report generation, feedback for performance testing and improvement
How long is the implementation and what resources are required from the client?
  • Our API is immediately available for those firms with in-house capability to use it
  • The onboarding process involves understanding your data model, file transfer, and demonstrating that our solution is as at least as good, if not better, than you may have already
What are the results/beneficial outcomes? What could you do now that you couldn’t do before?
  • Better time management (in busy/volatile times traders need to concentrate on their day job yet analysis is key at those times so a maintained available solution is invaluable)