Use Case: Sell-side TCA

Firm type Sell-side (investment banks and brokers)
What do you need/want to do? Evaluate pre and post-trade execution quality for:

  • Validation of strategy performance and routing for internal clients
  • Validation of strategy performance and routing for external clients
  • Compliance and best execution requirements
  • Strategic measurement of algo/execution performance
What are the alternative solutions? What are their disadvantages?
  • In-house solution – cost of development and maintenance and lack of independence
  • Third party supplier – are they offering an independent solution, and how customisable is it?
What are the advantages of using big xyt’s solutions?
  • Web-based application with rich visualisations and API access to liquidity analytics of global markets
  • Gain an understanding of the approach of your peers
  • Outlier detection, spotting trends, custom solutions (e.g. algo wheel), report generation, feedback for performance testing and improvement
  • White labelling of solutions for your clients
  • Algo strategy R&D
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership (compared to building and maintaining in-house)
  • Strong technology knowledge – we have extensive analytics expertise; firms would need to hire or maintain this type of expertise
How long is the implementation and what resources are required from the client?
  • Our API is immediately available for those firms with in-house capability to use it
  • The onboarding process involves understanding your data model, file transfer, and demonstrating that our solution meets your needs
  • The desktop application solution may take longer to integrate to what your firm wants to view
What are the results/beneficial outcomes? What could you do now that you couldn’t do before?
  • Reduced effort and time to market
  • Delegation of development and non-proprietary input (potentially even some proprietary)
  • Independence of results if they were solely DIY before