We’re familiar with going Dutch, but going English…?

We’re familiar with going Dutch, but going English…?

Following the theme of Closing Auctions and new Alternative Closing Mechanisms, we can highlight a noteworthy entry to the Closing Auction records books last Friday.

In the chart today we see the 5 largest single stock closing auctions in recent (4 years) history.

Notably, Linde AG has featured twice (holding the previous record of @4.3bn traded). Unilever plc/NV was the cause of the stir as it collapsed its NV holdings into the plc to consolidate its HQ in the UK whilst maintaining a quoted presence in Amsterdam….all in the interest of simplification, naturally.

At the far right is Unilever’s auction on Friday when the the stock consolidated into one line.

€4.9bn Unilever plc traded in the LSE close, €3.9bn Unilever NV in Amsterdam as the trading community adjusted its exposure.

(And if you want to see how much traded in alternative closing mechanisms, we can show you that too.)

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