Wales to introduce independent stock exchange

Wales Stock Exchange

Wales to introduce independent stock exchange

Academics from Brains Trust predict market launch will quench investors’ thirst for trading to stay local.

(Special note: this was an April Fool’s Day post)

Flushed with success from the Six Nations Championship a new stock market is being proposed for Welsh investment in Welsh companies. 

Behind the initiative is the recently formed Welsh Industrial National Development group for Under Performance.

Passive funds will be able to track the Taff Index made up of Strong Companies Repositioning for Upward Movement following the top 15 constituents from a total squad of 23.

Using AI techniques we have created a simulation of how these companies will rank using the scatter plot below.

The First Sports Minister was unavailable but his stand-off, R.U. Avinalaff, provided this comment “We feel it’s time to give it a try. Investors will have access to a market with no penalties. Dual listed companies can be traded without the risk of missing conversion.”

Regulators voiced concern about the potential for insider trading, demanding that rules be in place to prevent information leekage.

At big xyt we always try to provide a clear picture of markets… at least on 364 1/2 days a year. 

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