Calling all equity traders and sales traders

Daily Liquidity Highlights

Calling all equity traders and sales traders

Dark trading currently represents 8% of equity turnover across all of Europe, adjusted to exclude clearly non-addressable OTC and SI prints. In UK Blue Chips that is now 11.6%, and for UK mid caps it is 15.2%

How often are you looking to identify when a stock has an unexpected surge in turnover?

And how often is it beneficial to know that some or all of that increase was on a Dark venue?

TotalEngeries block teaser

Block volumes on dark venues are rarely intraday spikes, as you can see above from recent trading in TotalEnergies (the top block turnover stock this month). 

Volume begets volume and as the chart shows the venue (each shown by a different colour), can attract more volume on subsequent days, rather than one single print.

So… we have a little treat for you… Starting next week, our clients and their friends who register can receive daily updates ranking the top of the blocks from the previous day.

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