High-Performance Computing in Finance

High-Performance Computing in Finance

Technology enables firms to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning in many new areas. These new applications require cost-effective compute platforms and seamless access to large datasets. Learn how the Banking, Finance and Insurance sector is managing these challenges in the new issue of Financial Markets Insights:

Powering Up – Handling high-performance computing to boost alpha and risk management

The complexities surrounding the Banking, Finance and Insurance sector today have led to a significant growth in the use of grid computing and high-performance computing (HPC) for computationally-intensive tasks. These are many and varied, and include areas such as derivative pricing, risk analytics, quantitative modelling, portfolio optimisation, and bank stress testing.

In this article, Mike O’Hara and Dan Barnes look at the areas where HPC and grid are being used in financial markets, and hear from Alastair Houston of Nvidia, Andrew Jones of NAG, Robin Mess of big xyt, Leon Lobo of the National Physical Laboratory and Verne Global’s Stef Weegels and Lewis Tucker, about the key considerations that firms should take into account when putting together the necessary infrastructure to support their computationally-intensive needs.

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