12 Days of Trading – Day 10 of 12: ETF Spreads by Venue

Day 10 of 12: ETF Spreads by Venue

From our consolidated view of lit markets in ETFs, it is not surprising to see that At Touch Spreads vary by venue.

However, looking at the second chart, it would seem wise for the end investor to be aware of where the underlying constituents are quoted. In other words liquidity in ETFs can depend […]

12 Days of Trading – Day 9 of 12: Average Equity Spreads

Day 9 of 12: Average Equity Spreads for the past 2 years

The chart shows at touch time-weighted average spreads for blue chip UK stocks since December 2016

Some observations:

There was observed impact of MiFID II with a new tick size regime and an increasingly competitive market.
The influence of macro-economic uncertainty on volatility during February 2018 and Q4 2018.

It is […]

12 Days of Trading – Day 8 of 12: Average Price Move

Day 8 of 12: Price movement as a proxy for market impact – A ripple before as well as after the pebble hits the water

Measuring the movement of mid point prices before and after the time of every execution allows us to see some interesting patterns emerge.

Some observations:

Different execution mechanisms exhibit distinct trajectories.
The patterns for lit markets, dark […]

12 Days of Trading – Day 7 of 12: DVC and Systematic Internaliser Volumes

Day 7 of 12: Today we look further at SI volumes to see if the imposition of Double Volume Caps resulted in any observable change in Systematic Internaliser volumes either above or below Large In Scale (LIS)

As shown yesterday Pan European average reported volumes by Systematic Internalisers now total around €30bn per day. Of this SI volume, approximately 50% can […]

12 Days of Trading – Day 6 of 12: Systematic Internaliser Volumes

Day 6 of 12: Breaking Down Systematic Internaliser Volumes by Condition Codes

Some observations:

Pan European average reported volumes by Systematic Internalisers now total around €30bn, representing 30% of equity turnover.
Of this SI volume, approximately 50% can be removed by identifying condition codes or trade flags that indicate the transaction was non-price-forming ( we can provide a long list of these […]

12 Days of Trading – Day 5 of 12: DVC and LIS

Day 5 of 12: As mentioned yesterday, block trading, represented by Large In Scale (LIS) executions, has been growing steadily over the last 2 years.

Some observations:

Trading behaviour has adapted to seek out blocks and advances in technology have created better tools to identify and match block trading opportunities.
This is illustrated by the chart which seems to infer a […]

12 Days of Trading – Day 4 of 12: Dark Trading since June 2016

Day 4 of 12: In today’s view we take a look at some evolutionary themes in European Equity dark and block trading over the last 2 years.

Some observations:

As expected, DVCs had an impact on dark traded volumes particularly in trades below Large In Scale (LIS).
In fact this reduction in sub-LIS during the DVCs resulted in average trade sizes […]

12 Days of Trading – Day 3 of 12: DVC and Auctions

Day 3 of 12: Having looked at auction volumes in our previous view, we will now drill down into the two auction types that have seen increased use over the last year.

Some observations:

MiFID II was a catalyst for Periodic Auction use and the introduction of Double Volume Cap suspensions resulted in further acceleration.
Interestingly, the volumes were sustained after […]

12 Days of Trading – Day 2 of 12: Liquidity Trends since June 2016 #2

Day 2 of 12: After our initial market overview yesterday, today we take closer look at the development of auctions.

Some observations:

The two largest gainers appear to be the Closing Auctions and Periodic Auctions.
Some have observed that more lit trading has moved to the closing auction as the benchmark drives index & ETF traders.
The inference then for Periodic […]

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