Data is transforming businesses. The fastest and most-reliable way to transform yours is with our innovative analytics solutions.Discover our expertise in various industries and contact us. We look forward to learning more about your business and changes.

big xyt enables you to instantaneouslyflexiblyefficiently discover value in data.

What we do:

Value-driven Analytics.

big Features

Valuable Insight

We enable customers to transform data into decisions quickly. Transforming data into information and insight is our daily business. Our mission is to enable your domain experts to obtain value from data.

Reliable Delivery

We design, build and operate solutions and products. Our focus are solutions in the most challenging environments in various industries. We tackle issues where others walk away. Our approach combines all data sources available to you, i.e. internal or proprietary data, public data as well as customer data.

Strong Partners

Our passion is your competitive advantage through innovation and differentiation. You benefit from our passion for outstanding solutions. Our products leverage best-of-breed technologies from leading vendors as well as from niche players - in unexpected combinations. Often these niche technologies make a difference.

big Experience

You want your team to discover new ideas in your data that no one has thought of before.

You want to grow your business by delivering a completely new user experience to your customers.

You want to find answers to your questions from your analytics solution that seemed too complex to everyone so far.

You want to speed up your business with ultra-fast analytics with solutions not available from traditional vendors.

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Innovation is crucial to transform your business. Your success is our challenge. Make us deliver and get yourself some innovation!

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We are not a start-up from the Silicon Valley. Based in the heart of Europe we solve your problems exactly where your business is.

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Our team works with customers from all continents in various timezones. Just let us know a convenient time to speak.