XYT Hub – The Data Hub for the Trading Community

The XYT Hub allows trading firms to consume, analyse and visualise all the data they require through cloud-based technologies, featuring Data-as-a-Service and Analytics-as-a-Service functionalities.

The XYT Hub enables the global trading community to integrate tick data and analytics in a more convenient and cost-effective way, via a single API.

With the XYT Hub, trading firms and exchanges can immediately access tick data and analytics, without costly investment into in-house data infrastructure and storage, technology capable of managing tick data with nanosecond precision and market-by-order granularity, or indeed additional staff.

The XYT Hub connects data providers (e.g. exchanges, brokers or data vendors) with data consumers (e.g. traders, quants or downstream systems).

Product Features

Data as a Service

The XYT Hub provides access to more than 100 markets globally including raw data from exchanges and normalized data from data vendors.

Analytics as a Service

The customization service for the XYT Hub adds new business functionality quickly - usually within 24 hours. New functionality is then available through the same API, either proprietary or shared.

Business API

The XYT Hub offers an API that covers more than access to all datasets: The API includes business functionality that significantly boosts the productivity of end users. Connectivity is provided to any programming environment including Java, Python, R or MATLAB.

Convenient User Interface

All data sources are available through a web-based and highly interactive user interface.

Smart Search Engine

Search results cover all asset classes and all products helping end users to meet their needs. Results are displayed based on a smart ranking allowing users to find products quickly.

Customer Benefits

Data Quality

The XYT Hub delivers maximum data quality, e.g. support for timestamps with nanosecond granularity, market depth including every single order.

High-performance Infrastructure

Optimized for interactive usage the XYT Hub ensures a unique user experience delivering data for thousands of securities within a few seconds.


Data and analytics is available instantaneously through the API. This enables users to integrate data into business processes and downstream systems immediately.

User Experience

The XYT Hub is designed to offer the most convenient access to data and analytics. This user experience contributes to the productivity of all users.

Unrivalled Total Cost of Ownership

big xyt delivers data & analytics solutions in the most cost-effective way. There is no need for customers to enhance their existing IT landscape (hardware/software).

Use Cases


Users can access tick data for all available trading venues and compare trading activity for selected securities across multiple venues using the tick-by-tick visualisation through the built-in user interface.

Discover Trading Opportunities

XYT Hub’s customizable analytics and interactive visualization enables end users to discover new trading ideas and business opportunities.

Market Replay

Replay and review any sequence of trading events observed on a single venue or across multiple trading venues. The API instantaneously rebuilds the order book for any selected time.

Back Testing

Algorithms can be immediately tested with tick data (including market depth where available) from more than 100 venues through the built-in API.


User can execute interactive execution analysis and benchmark own trades using tick data from all available trading venues.

Custom Analytics

With our customization service we can deliver any use case that you require for your business. Contact us.

xyt hub: Success Story

Tick Data Analytics and Backtesting

Cboe Europe, the largest pan-European equities exchange, is continuously attracting new trading firms. A key driver for this success is to enable new firms to develop and to test trading strategies.

In order to backtest algos, trading firms traditionally acquired historical datasets from the exchange or from a data vendor and integrated the raw data into their existing infrastructure. Due to the large datasets the integration required dedicated hardware, optimized software and specific skillsets.

By integrating data from Cboe Europe into the XYT Hub, the goal was to significantly simplify this process for both parties involved, i.e. the exchange and the trading firms.

The project was conducted by the big xyt team delivering the following steps:

  • Integrate all messages from the PITCH multicast feed.

  • Make the Cboe Europe venues available through the UI and the API.

  • Map all business and analytics functions to Cboe data.

Through the XYT Hub the trading community can now access and visualise tick data via a web interface or API, test and optimise algos in order to improve both execution performance and profitability and view data through flexible business functions, like custom snapshots, auction phases or orderbook replay.

For trading firms, the XYT Hub offers the following benefits:

  • Integrate tick data and analytics into new and existing applications via API.

  • No delays in testing trading strategies. The API allows immediate access.

  • Reduced cost to integrate tick data analytics, e.g. for backtesting.

For Cboe Europe, the XYT Hub offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced cost to deliver tick data to prospects.

  • Enable smaller firms to develop novel trading strategies, e.g. AI or deep learning.

  • Higher probability of onboarding new trading firms.