Using big xyt’s Liquidity Cockpit To Provide Detailed Equity Market Share Trends Enabling MiFID II Transparency For Trading And Investment Firms

New York and London January 31, 2018TABB Group, the international research and consulting firm focused exclusively on capital markets, has released its first monthly report tracking liquidity in European equity markets.

This new report, named the European Equities LiquidityMatrix™, provides trading and investment firms with an independent and consolidated view of market share trends across all major European equity venues and execution channels, including lit and dark venues, Systematic Internalisers (SIs), periodic auction books and Large in Scale (LIS) venues.

MiFID II is expected to dramatically shift liquidity in equity markets, with a new share trading obligation banning broker crossing networks, and the introduction of dark volumes caps coming into force later this year expected to result in the continued rise in the popularity of new execution venue such as SIs and periodic auction models.

The report leverages advanced liquidity analytics from big xyt’s Liquidity Cockpit, a cloud-based platform that offers a normalised view of all trading data in tick granularity across European markets. An interactive dashboard, with real time analytics and powerful visualisation tools, has facilitated the compilation of the LiquidityMatrix by TABB.

While this data is ‘discoverable’ in one form or another, providing a holistic view in one document that can be put directly in the hands of practitioners makes it a powerful, user friendly, and time saving tool. TABB currently produces US equities and US options LiquidityMatrix reports, and this is the first LiquidityMatrix report for the European equities market.

“We believe market participants will highly value independently produced insights that track volumes as they shift under MiFID II”, comments Tim Cave, Analyst at TABB Group. “big xyt offers independent, unbiased, high-quality and fully transparent analytics that are very granular across execution channels.”

Robin Mess, CEO at big xyt, said: “We are proud to contribute our analytics capabilities and solutions to TABB Group, allowing analysts to extract crucial information so they can provide unparalleled insight to the market.”


About TABB Group

TABB Group is the international research, advisory and consulting firm focused exclusively on capital markets. For 15 years, TABB Group has been helping business leaders gain a truer understanding of financial markets issues to develop actionable roadmaps and approaches to future growth. By accurately assessing their customer base, competition, and key market opportunities, TABB Group works with senior industry leaders to make critical decisions about their business. For more information, visit

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About big xyt

big xyt provides independent smart data and analytics solutions to the global trading and investment community, enabling firms to process and normalise large data sets on demand and in real time, in order to comply with regulatory requirements and reduce the complexity of their operations.

The seamless and highly scalable integration of big xyt data aggregation and consolidation capabilities allows buyside and sellside firms to transform into a data-driven business while the innovative analytics capabilities enable them to gain actionable insights, discover alpha and maintain a competitive advantage.

Connecting quickly and easily to our cloud-based platform via APIs, trading firms, ISVs and trading venues can use their own business logic and data sets on our platform to leverage analytics for their business, including liquidity measures such as market share or depth of order book, as well as analytics around market impact. New logic can be incorporated in as little as 24 hours.

big xyt was founded by a team of experts combining more than five decades of experience in risk management, regulatory and financial reporting, analytics solutions arising from regulatory requirements, e.g. MiFID II, and engineering for data management and analytics. The team of seven founders has been working together since 2005 and in 2014 they formally formed big xyt to continue and expand this work.

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