Smart Data and Analytics Solutions: Buy-side

Independent and innovative analytics solutions

big-xyt enables the trading and investment community to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s business challenges – resulting from regulatory pressure, from automation of trading, and from the transformation of the industry.

Why big xyt

big xyt provides independent smart data and analytics solutions to the global trading and investment community, enabling firms to process and normalise large data sets on demand and in real time, in order to comply with regulatory requirements and reduce the complexity of their operations.

The seamless and highly scalable integration of big xyt data aggregation and consolidation capabilities allows buyside and sellside firms to transform into a data-driven business while the innovative analytics capabilities enable them to gain actionable insights, discover alpha and maintain a competitive advantage.

Connecting quickly and easily to our cloud-based platform via APIs, trading firms, ISVs and trading venues can use their own business logic and data sets on our platform to leverage analytics for their business, including liquidity measures such as market share or depth of order book, as well as analytics around market impact. New logic can be incorporated in as little as 24 hours.

big xyt was founded by a team of experts combining more than five decades of experience in risk management, regulatory and financial reporting, analytics solutions arising from regulatory requirements, e.g. MiFID II, and engineering for data management and analytics. The team of seven founders has been working together since 2005 and in 2014 they formally formed big xyt to continue and expand this work.

The trading community has realized that there is no value in storing huge amounts of market data in local silos.

Accessing this public data through the big xyt cloud results in significant cost savings and in more flexibility – for buy-side firms and for sell-side firms.

Robin Mess

Robin MessCEO - big xyt


  • Subscribe to a cutting-edge data and analytics platform by big xyt, avoiding the complexity of selecting and maintaining an optimized setup of hardware, software and talent.
  • Add flexibility and reduce costs by accessing your data through big xyt.
  • Grow your business faster by evaluating new asset classes and trading venues immediately – without any IT investment.
  • Evaluate new trading ideas leveraging big xyt’s Cloud Platform for highest quality tick data (including full market depth).
  • Gain insight by accessing value-added analytics by big xyt, e.g. liquidity statistics for fragmented markets.

With the rise of automated trading and systematic portfolio management, technologies are reshaping the entire capital markets industry. Buy-side firms need to deal with more and more complex and costly landscapes while having even less time to develop and to maintain them.

The core business processes of buy-side firms are more and more data-centric including

  • strategy research
  • strategy implementation
  • strategy testing
  • strategy execution
  • strategy monitoring

As technology becomes more powerful, competition accelerates this Automated Trading Cycle continuously. Buy-side firms require highly efficient solutions to deal with the data challenge including

  • data capture and data storage
  • data cleansing
  • alignment of multiple data sources like prices, news or sentiments from social media
  • detecting and understanding trading patterns
  • performing back testing and optimization processes
  • real-time monitoring of productive strategies

Today there is no need for a buy-side firm to store data on-premise – smart data management and analytics is a commodity that can be easily integrated into a firm’s core business. With big xyt’s products buy-side firms can seamlessly integrate with a cloud-based solution offering instantaneous access to all data sources including tick data of more than 100 trading venues globally at the highest quality (including level-3 data).

big xyt enables trading firms to access tick data and to benefit from value-added analytics on tick data, e.g. liquidity analytics for fragmented markets or liquidity indicators for derivatives (option markets).

  • big xyt can manage all your public and proprietary data sources of any quantity and any data volume for a fixed subscription fee.
  • big xyt provides you with all core functionality that you need to grow your business including a single API to all your data. This API is available for any technical environment including R, MATLAB, Java, .Net and Python.
  • big xyt ensures the highest data quality available from the data source, e.g. nanosecond timestamps, all ticks, daily master data.
  • No hardware investment required. big xyt can provide all services on shared environments or on dedicated hardware.
  • Batteries included: The big xyt flat fees include all services, i.e. no additional fee for hardware, power, rack space, connectivity.
  • Proprietary analytics on demand: The big xyt experts are continuously enhancing the analytics portfolio. You can leverage big xyt’s expertise and request proprietary analytics functions. big xyt usually delivers within 24 hours.


big xyt enables customers to analyze all available data sets instantaneously without the need for IT investments.