Independent Analytics as a Service

big xyt provides robust, immersive analytics that empower data driven, actionable insight.

This is achieved by normalising sources of data and delivering it in the way that our customers wish to consume it – proactive, API, web-based user interfaces.

big xyt does the heavy lifting – and our clients can focus on their core business.


Use Cases

Market Structure Analysis

Understand trends and market quality in a fragmented and highly competitive world.

Execution Analysis (incl. TCA)

Pre-trade, in-trade and post-trade analysis with interactive performance analysis (multi-venue, multi-broker, multi-fund, etc.).

Quants and Algo Development

Data and Analytics as a Service: APIs for rapid and continuous product development.

Differentiating Factors


As a privately owned company, our clients see big xyt as an unbiased and objective provider of data analysis.


Data can be provided via a variety of delivery mechanisms and analysis via our unique browser based visualisation tool allows optimal flexibility when filtering different venues and comparing date ranges.

Transparent Methodology

All measures are fully documented and can be verified with the underlying tick data.


All our products are distributed across regions, servers and data centers, i.e. our products are delivered through a reliable setup.

Cost Management

We reduce the Total Cost of Ownership. Our technology team are focussed on collecting, curating and delivering analysis that each our clients would require a team of 2 or 3 people to support in addition to the cost of raw data and infrastructure. We have a subscription pricing model.

We help our clients make better decisions and innovate.

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