Open TCA for execution analysis

As an independent reference for Equity market structure, big xyt leverages its comprehensive Consolidated View of the market to provide execution analytics with Open TCA.

Independence and accuracy, combined with the transparency we provide on the underlying data, is at the heart of our Open TCA offering.  This is seen as essential by our clients to improve workflows and make any necessary adjustments to trading activities.

Firms can integrate their own business logic and proprietary data with big xyt’s technology, enabling them to better analyse their trading strategies and investment decisions as best execution practices.

Execution Analytics ranges from basic Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) requirements – benchmarking trades and orders for best execution, compliance and client reporting – through to providing full API access to the most sophisticated quantitative modelling functions for exchanges, sell-side and buy-side analysts.

Being able to access normalised data and a growing list of standard and custom benchmarks brings all the cost and time saving benefits of outsourcing to a universally recognised external provider.

Be the driver and let us be the data mechanics


Use Cases

Best Execution & Compliance

Benchmark trades and orders meeting regulatory requirements.

Client Reporting

Respond quickly and offer transparency with convenient access to your clients.

Optimize Trading and Execution

Most sophisticated quantitative modelling through data and analytics APIs.



Analysis by venue, by broker, by strategy.


Control the TCA process with seamless integration, API access, CSV delivery, PDF reports and interactive dashboards


Embed big xyt Execution Analysis into existing workflows.


Client-order, parent-order, unfilled orders, custom benchmarks, white-label reports

Differentiating Factors


As a privately owned company, our clients see big xyt as an unbiased and objective provider of data analysis.

Convenient Access

Benchmark results can be provided via a variety of delivery mechanisms including our API and unique web-based visualisation tools.

Transparent Methodology

All benchmarks are fully documented and can be verified with the underlying tick data.


All our products are distributed across regions, servers and data centers, i.e. our products are delivered through a reliable setup.

Performance Analysis

Looking at analysis over time rather than snapshot allows the user to perform bespoke execution analysis.

Cost Management

We reduce the Total Cost of Ownership. Our technology team are focussed on collecting, curating and delivering analysis that each our clients would require a team of 2+ people to support – in addition to the cost of raw data and infrastructure. We have a subscription pricing model.

Our Open TCA for Execution Analysis is a key tool for buy-side firms to gain market insight and for sell-side firms to offer transparency to their clients.