big xyt Store

The new big xyt Store enables exchanges, brokers and data vendors to immediately monetize data & analytics offering an unrivalled user experience.




The big xyt Store is the leading ecommerce platform for the distribution of historical tick data and data analytics.

Users can instantaneously search all reference data and download any amount of tick data, including market depth.

The big xyt Store is available as white-label product, i.e. exchanges, brokers and data vendors can subscribe to the big xyt Store and leverage its capabilities immediately.

Product Features

Convenient User Interface

All data sources are available through a web-based and highly interactive user interface.

Smart Search Engine

Search results cover all asset classes and all products helping end users to meet their needs. Results are displayed based on a smart ranking allowing users to find products quickly.

Reporting & Analytics

Reports on user activity within the big xyt Store can provide insight about the product portfolio and its pricing structure.

API Access

The big xyt Store is seamlessly integrated with the big xyt Cloud Platform, i.e. users can be offered API access to tick data with support for any programming environment like R, MATLAB, Java or Python.

Customization Service

Exchanges, brokers and data vendors can enhance the big xyt Store with exclusive features that will ensure a strong branding as well as a unique user experience.

Continuous Optimization

The big xyt Store is continuously enhanced reflecting feedback from customers globally.

Customer Benefits

User Experience

The big xyt Store is designed to offer the most convenient access to data and analytics. This user experience contributes to a strong brand awareness for exchanges, brokers and data vendors.


Exchanges, brokers and data vendors can launch innovative products immediately and monetize their data assets easily.

Focus on core business

The big xyt Store delivers a turn-key solution for the monetization of historical data. This allows firms to reduce the complexity and to focus on their core business.

High-performance Infrastructure

End users will enjoy the big xyt Store as it is optimized for interactive usage and highly responsive. This will ensure a unique user experience.

Unrivalled Total Cost of Ownership

big xyt manages and delivers data & analytics solutions in the most cost-effective way. There is no need for customers to enhance their existing IT landscape or to invest into new hardware or new software.

big xyt Store: Success Story for a Tick Data Store

Distribution of historical tick data including market depth

for ACTIV Financial - engineered by big xyt

ACTIV Financial, global provider of real-time, multi-asset financial market data and solutions, creates a new channel to monetize historical tick data by leveraging the big xyt Store.

In order to meet the demand for data products from a growing number of data-centric trading firms, ACTIV Financial had to launch a new web service for distributing historical tick data.

The goal was to offer historical time series covering more than 100 feeds and markets globally.

To deliver the required product, ACTIV needed

  • A leading ecommerce platform to offer high-performance data access.

  • An interactive user interface with smart search algorithms.

  • An automated mechanism to load historical tick data into the solution.

  • Purchase hardware resources and hosting capacity to manage several Petabytes of tick data.

By choosing the big xyt Store, ACTIV Financial was able to launch an innovative product within weeks offering key features like

  • flexible pricing model supporting all asset classes including derivatives

  • web-based user interface to access all feeds with smart search algorithms

  • convenient payment options like Paypal and Credit Cards

The big xyt Store has been seamlessly integrated into the ACTIV X-ray product now offering interactive downloads of tick data, API access and data analytics. ACTIV X-ray became the leading Tick Data Cloud Platform covering various channels to monetize its historical data.

For ACTIV Financial, the partnership with big xyt offers various key benefits:

  • faster time-to-market

  • no upfront investment

  • no allocation of precious resources